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Design is easy. Creating content isn't.*

That's why this second installment was slated for the winter. The layout was ready; the text wasn't.

What does it mean?

It means the content - yes, the content, and not just the design - on this site is completely new. So if it's not in the archives, even those of you returning have never seen it.

Throughout the next two months, we'll be celebrating winter holidays* - Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's Day, etc. - making this one of the more festive seasons of the year. Hence all the colors in my design.

But speaking of winter holidays...

I know that Australians celebrate Christmas in summer because the seasons are switched around on the other side of the globe, but... do they therefore call it a summer holiday, or do they still consider that to be a winter holiday? I have a godmother in Australia whom I can ask, but if you know, please humor me and tell me anyway.

This site is dedicated to those who celebrate something, regardless of where you are, what you celebrate, when you celebrate it, and how you celebrate it. Whatever it is that you hold dearly enough to celebrate...

Happy Holidays! >>>