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Where's My Muse?

Let's just say that I've been uninspired lately, and leave it at that. Actually, most of my creative time is spent working on images for work, not for play... and this site is for play. So, for your fare, we have a very small medley of old stuff. Click the thumbnail to view the image, and don't mind the mold.

Color in a Black and White World

a p r i l d e s i g n - yet another logo
This is a very early piece; I was first learning how to use PaintShopPro. Hmm, the pattern in those letters look familiar.
Hearst Castle
I'm not immune to those nice and easy filters that graphics programs have. This image started out as a photograph and ended up as something that looks like a pastel rendering.
leaves on water
This is a smaller version of an image I worked on for someone else, to be used as a static background for his web page. As of yet, he hasn't used it.
babbling brook
This is a smaller version of an image I use as a static background/watermark for my résumé. It's done in the same style as "leaves on water", but not in the same way.
Tortoise. Enough said.