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Things For You To Do

It can't be much fun being merely an observer in life, watching others live and work and play. Along the same line, it can't be much fun being only a reader, a consumer, an internet surfer. So why not live? Why not do and write your own stories, create your own art, or build your own web site?

In other words, why not take part, participate?

Go on. ::wink and grin:: I dare you.

  • Build Your Own Web Site - If you've never built your own site, you've never known the joy of creating something that can be viewed easily by people all over the world. If you like instant gratification, you'll love this feature.
  • Mad Lib #2: One of Aesop's Fables - This is a newer version of a feature I had on my old site. You choose certain key words and see how they fit into the story. For the first "Mad Lib" story, visit the archives.
  • Recipe: Fruit Salad - This is a recipe for one of my favorite desserts. I usually only make it for parties or get-togethers, so the recipe is for a huge amount of the stuff.
  • Treasure Hunt - If you can find the treasure on this site, you'll come across a feature created for only the selected few. Read the site hints for more clues.